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Cement Sheets:  typically the corrugated type found on old garage roofs and farm buildings.  Flat versions are also common, used instead of plasterboard in some circumstances, and for roof soffits and verges. 


Insulation Boards: frequently used in construction due to their fire-resistant properties. They are less easy to identify because they're not as dense as cement boards and more dangerous because of a higher asbestos content.  They crop up where fire-proofing is required, stairwells & risers, garage ceilings.  Also used for roof soffits.

Floor Tiles: Asbestos was often used in old floor tiles to add strength and durability. Typically used as a finish to screed floors in properties of a certain age.

Textured Coating: a common enquiry because these tend to get flagged in home-buyer reports.  Not all textured coatings contain asbestos, but it is a materials than needs laboratory inspection to find out.  Relatively low risk because of the low chrysotile content and rare disturbance.


Insulation: fortunately this is a rare find, particularly in domestic locations.  Usually associated with heating systems of a certain age.

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